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According to the understanding of hot-blast stove manufacturers, coking in coal-fired hot-blast stove is a very complex physical and chemical process, which will obviously affect its use. It involves coal combustion, heat transfer in furnace, coking characteristics of coal, movement of coal ash particles in hot-blast stove and adhesion between coal ash and pipe wall. The causes of coking are as follows: (1)ҵijɷ֣ ҵɷֺͺй
(1) Composition of ash and melting property of ash are related to its composition and content.

The increase of alkaline matter in ash will reduce the melting point of ash, and the coking is the most serious when coal contains more iron sulfide.

(2) Non-uniform fineness of pulverized coal

The fineness and particle size distribution of pulverized coal have a certain influence on Slagging in drying hot blast stove. Excessive fineness and coarseness of pulverized coal may cause slagging. The fineness of pulverized coal depends on the type of coal and the structure of the drying hot blast stove, which should be determined by test.

(3) Mixing Ratio of Fuel to Air

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In the process of combustion, if the air content is insufficient, it will not be easy to achieve complete combustion, which will lead to the reduction of ash melting point and coking; the flame deflects, so that the highest flame layer moves to the side, so that the ash will not be cooled enough, and the hot ash particles will quickly stick up when they contact the heating surface of the water wall. Coking.

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(4) Air leakage reduces the temperature level of combustion chamber and delays combustion process.

The air leakage at the ash hopper will raise the flame center, and the flame will be lengthened, which will lead to the increase of smoke temperature at the furnace outlet and easily lead to the over-coking of the screen.



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